HFLA lends money interest free to responsible individuals in need.

A successful loan applicant is one who:

  1. Can demonstrate a genuine need.

  2. Has been unable to receive a loan from a conventional source.

  3. Will be able to repay the loan in monthly installments beginning immediately following the granting of the loan.

  4. Has one or more suitable co-signers.

Types of Loans

  1. Family Expenses (i.e., funerals, weddings, family life-cycle events, divorce related costs, childcare, etc.)

  2. Home (i.e. bills, mortgage, roof, furnace, plumbing, driveway, sidewalk, furniture, storm or fire damage, etc.)

  3. Education (i.e., tuition, fees, books, supplies, career training, certification courses. uniforms, college and graduate school assistance, etc.)

  4. Work (i.e., transportation or new business expenses)

  5. Medical & Dental Expenses (treatments not covered by insurance)

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